Maintaining surgical inventory can be complicated and disorganized, but it doesn’t have to be. ReadySet Surgical is a surgical vendor inventory tracking software. The cloud-based system tracks inventory in real time, allowing hospitals to better manage their inventory supply while saving time and money. The goal is to bridge the communication gap between vendors and hospitals. The surgical workflow process is improved from start to finish. Read on to learn more about ReadySet Surgical and the benefits provided by surgical workflow software.

What Is ReadySet Surgical?

Our cloud-based software contains 4 components that help hospitals execute better inventory management practices. Here is what our software does:

  • ReadySet Track – This portion of the software documents and tracks inventory from vendors that is loaned or on consignment. Often, hospitals will need a special tool for surgery that they don’t normally have on hand. This part of the software allows hospital staff and doctors to view the status of vendor inventory in real time. The ReadySet Track solution includes a kiosk where vendors can capture images, load documents, and create asset tags for tools before they are sterilized. All inventory is time-stamped so it is easy to see when things are documented or tagged.


  • ReadySet Coordinate – This portion of the software automates vendor notifications by integrating into the surgical schedule. ReadySet Coordinate has the ability to move these notifications up by 7 days on average. This is very important because when patient surgery is involved, the quicker the surgery can be done, the better. The automated notifications allow staff workload to be greatly reduced. First, RSS Schedulers review cases and create invites for applicable vendors. Then, each vendor will accept the case and provide an ETA, number of trays, and tray names. When the inventory arrives, the vendor can upload a case image for each tray and attach a label before it’s sent off to the sterilizing department. Notifications will also be provided if there are non-compliant inventory requests.


  • ReadySet Capture – This portion of the software has to do with billing. This “bill-only” solution allows for charges to be submitted in 3 ways. First, the part and serial lot number can be entered into RS Capture. Another method of entering charges is to upload the charge sheet to RS Capture. A third method is taking a photo of the charge sheet and uploading that picture. Once the charges are entered, the bill-only charges are validated against the Item Master. The capture process leads to receiving timely bill-only charges.


  • ReadySet Analytics – Analytics are a very important part of the surgical workflow. This is where hospitals analyze their data to see where they can save time, money, and improve processes. RS Analytics brings together data from vendors, reps, and your facility to help get better control of the surgical supply chain. Data points such as average loaner trays per case, delivery status, top 10 vendor deliveries, vendor lead times, and vendor loaner value can help hospitals make better decisions about their inventory management. Our RS Analytics interface is easy to use with colorful charts and graphs.


The Benefits:

Now that you know all about ReadySet Surgical, let’s learn about the benefits of having such a robust surgical vendor inventory system.

Improved Surgical Readiness

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

First, ReadySet improves surgical readiness. It helps the OR and SPD coordinate with vendors to make sure they have the inventory they need for surgical procedures. The software provides a way to close the communication gap between hospitals and vendors when it comes to inventory. Inventory can be difficult to manage without surgical vendor software. Between communication issues and demand forecasting challenges, hospitals can find themselves not having the equipment they need and thus facing delays in surgical procedures. As a hospital, you need to provide your patients with surgery as soon as they need it. Our software helps streamline the process so that inventory is requested, received, sterilized, and ready to use in a shortened amount of time. It allows for the reduction of preventable surgical delays. The organized interface allows hospitals to better prepare for requesting inventory that needs to be borrowed. In addition, hospitals will save money by not having old, obsolete inventory laying around.

Sterile Processing Improvement

The software allows for an enhanced relationship between the SPD and the vendor. The sterilizing department is able to efficiently plan their staffing needs due to the simplified workflow. The software also provides photographic evidence, leaving less room for errors in the sterilizing process.

Implant/Instrument Tracking

Everything is real time within the ReadySet software. Hospitals can easily view various vendors and their inventory on hand in order to make a decision about who they want to borrow implants or instruments from. Every step of the process is documented so that hospitals know when the inventory arrives, when it is sanitized, and when it is ready for use. It is easy to trace the procurement process leading to a more organized process overall. In addition, the software helps enforce compliance with hospital implant procedures.

Vendor Management

Vendors love ReadySet Software. First, the improved communication with the surgical team is very helpful when loaning out inventory. The vendor also is better able to forecast the inventory demands from the hospital. In addition, the software provides real-time field asset management. Vendors can see where their loaner inventory is at any time. Since our software is cloud-based, vendors can access data through mobile devices making it easy to track inventory from anywhere.
High quality surgical vendor inventory software is a must for hospitals and vendors. By providing a way to manage the requesting and transferring of surgical inventory, ReadySet Surgical helps our customers save time and money. Not only will you see a return on investment from our software, but you will also notice a decrease in delayed surgeries which leads to better outcomes for your patients. For more information about our software and how it can help in the surgical environment, contact ReadySet Surgical today.