The benefits of implementing instrument tracking software are well known with an estimated 50% of hospitals now either using or evaluating some sort of system. But these systems have traditionally focused only on inventory owned by the hospital. With a growing amount of surgical equipment used on a loaner basis, these software systems have not been able to manage all required surgical equipment. That has now changed with the announced partnership between ReadySet Surgical and Microsystems SPM.
These two companies have partnered to develop an integration between their software systems that offers users the ability to track hospital owned equipment as well as loaned vendor inventory in a single system. The integration works on the principle of sharing barcode data across the two systems. With this, CSS staffers have the ability to view real-time updates on vendor equipment status, compliance monitoring, electronic IFU’s, full set lists, and tray images in either system, which not only enhances efficiency in the CSS department, but also contributes to patient safety. This integration is aimed at alleviating the additional stress that managing loaner inventory places on Sterile Processing Technicians to effectively prepare surgical carts with complete instrumentation—including both owned and loaned equipment.