Our Solutions

Drive efficiency. Stay compliant. Save time & money.
Our easy-to-use, workflow-friendly solutions resolve costly implantable device supply chain issues,
like non-compliant inventory requests, lost instruments, late vendor deliveries, and discrepant charge sheets.
Our applications help
streamline supply chain processes for
OR, SPD and Supply Chain personnel with:
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • System reporting
Our integrated solutions positively impact the profitability of implantable
device supply chains at integrated delivery networks, hospitals, surgery centers and manufacturers.

Predictive Analytics

Detect and eliminate non-compliant inventory requests leveraging proactive alerts.

Inventory Management

Improve vendor delivery performance with advanced scheduling. Track loaner and consigned inventory in real-time while eliminating lost instrument claims.

Billing Reconciliation

Automate the bill-only charge sheet process and eliminate known billing issues such as duplicate charges, pricing errors, and off-contract pricing challenges.

Real-Time Reporting

Optimize your implantable device supply chain with actionable insights by facility, surgeon, specialty or vendor.

Customer Benefits

Save time and money. Increase supply chain visibility and staff satisfaction.

Anticipate and eliminate non-compliant inventory requests

Reconcile inventory demand and surgical schedule automatically

Eliminate late deliveries via advanced scheduling

Gain real-time status of loaned and consigned inventory

Capture and correct charge discrepancies prior to final submission

Generate real-time reports and on-demand vendor scorecards

Guaranteed savings with ReadySet’s integrated Solutions. Why wait?