Implants and the quality of Sterile Processing Data has long been a sore subject for SPD department leaders. Many Sterile Processing departments do not have access to an instrument tracking system, and others are using various manual workarounds and generic barcodes to track these instruments. This incomplete data makes it difficult for the Sterile Processing team to gather big picture analytics and understand what is really going on with the vendor instruments in their facility. Determining key factors like vendor compliance with the hospital’s Vendor Instrument Policy can become a manual and time-consuming task.
Additionally, bad data and generic barcodes can lead to processing errors in Sterile Processing. Most frontline Sterile Processing Technicians do not have extensive experience or comfort with identifying and processing implant instrumentation. When an instrument mix up happens, or information needs to be verified for a case, there are often few technicians in the department with the training and education to confidently provide answers.

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