ReadySet Surgical solutions are designed not only to solve your inventory management challenges, but also to deliver tangible value – including hard dollar savings to customers and users.

Our applications are built around users’ task-based workflows, to address root cause issues. Our approach quickly adds value and improves user and staff satisfaction.

How Our Solutions Add Value

Eliminate off-contract purchases.

Proactively identify non-contracted inventory requests or charge submissions:
  • ReadySet Track prevents delivery and sterilization of non-contracted vendor inventory by limiting asset tag creation at the ReadySet Kiosk to a “contracted inventory” database.
  • ReadySet Coordinate (includes ReadySet Track) enables proactive identification of non-contracted inventory requests by capturing the earliest surgical demand signal via direct integration into the surgical scheduling platform.
  • ReadySet Capture automates “bill-only” charge capture within 24 hours of surgery. By integrating directly into the Item Master to validate contract pricing, ReadySet Capture flags and prevents off-contract purchasing.

Case Study: How UCSF Gained Efficiencies Through ReadySet Surgical’s Loaner Management Software

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    Reduce staff workload related to inventory management.

    Leverage automation to shift more responsibility to vendors:
    • Reduce 0.5 FTEs of work per month (80+ hours) by leveraging ReadySet Advanced Schedulers to notify vendors of surgical inventory needs on behalf of hospital staff and clinical team members.
    • Eliminate inventory loss claims, and dramatically reduce time addressing them. ReadySet automates the burden of proof for validating loss claims and shifts it to the vendor. Vendors use the self-service check-in kiosk to capture images of incoming inventory and have 48 hours post-procedure to remove inventory or waive potential loss claims.
    • Decrease “bill-only” processing and reconciliation time by 75% while improving charge accuracy. ReadySet Capture automates “bill-only” charge capture within 24 hours of surgery and prevents non-contracted submissions by integrating directly into the Item Master, validating all pricing prior to submission for payment. ERP integration automates the requisition and P.O. generation process.

    Learn how a charge capture solution helped Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital realize 4x faster processing time.

    Tangible Results

    The ReadySet team is passionate about delivering quantifiable value to our customers.

    Success Story #1

    Sterile processing overtime hours ↓ 36%
    PRN hours ↓ 84%
    Hard $ cost savings of $11,860/month
    5x ROI from improved staffing efficiency

    Success Story #2

    Vendor communication and coordination ↓ 84 hours/month
    Hard $ cost savings of $3,000/month

    Success Story #3

    100% “bill-only” charge accuracy
    Lag time for “bill-only” submissions ↓ 97%
    Surgical invoice processing time ↓ 75%
    With ReadySet Track, Coordinate and Capture, we can provide guaranteed savings opportunities for your facility. Contact us today at or 1-888-344-READY (7323) to learn more.