Improve the profitability of your implantable device supply chain

ReadySet’s cloud-based, end-to-end software platform helps hospitals, surgery centers and manufacturers eliminate the costliest and most time-consuming issues associated with managing implantable devices.

Why ReadySet?

Advanced scheduling to optimize inventory management
Proactive alerts for non-compliant inventory requests
Elimination of unapproved, off-contract purchasing
Automated “bill-only” validation prior to charge sheet submission
Actionable, real-time reporting
Hard-dollar ROI

Discover how one hospital system saved nearly $20,000 after 2 weeks of implementing ReadySet.

Workflow-friendly Solutions

ReadySet’s market-leading Solutions include Predictive Analytics, Inventory Management, Billing Reconciliation and Real-time Reporting to help Supply Chain, OR and SPD personnel optimize implantable device supply chain management.

Unmatched Benefits of ReadySet Surgical

  • Automatically identify surgical inventory demand and revise scheduling based on inventory availability
  • Anticipate and eliminate non-compliant inventory usage
  • Eliminate unwarranted lost instrument claims
  • Provide real-time status updates of loaned and consigned inventory
  • Capture and correct implant charge discrepancies before final submission
  • Automatically revert non-contracted implant charges to $0
  • Generate on-demand vendor scorecards
  • Analyze trends filtered by location, surgeon, specialty or vendor
  • Measure overall implantable device supply chain performance

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Over 100 hospital systems and counting rely on ReadySet Surgical.

Interoperable Technology

ReadySet’s award-winning technology integrates with EMR, ERP, instrument tracking and instrument management systems to scale across all your facilities. Our Implementation and Support Teams can help you quickly leverage our Solutions to optimize your implantable device supply chain and spend more time on patient care efforts. We look forward to helping you succeed!