Eliminate Off-Contract Purchases, Reduce Workload, & Improve Vendor Accountability
ReadySet solutions offer advanced scheduling, device tracking, real-time notifications, invoice reconciliation and system reporting for OR, SPD and supply chain personnel. Integrated delivery networks, hospitals and surgery centers benefit via:

  • Guaranteed “bill-only” charge compliance
  • Proactive identification of non-contracted inventory requests
  • Increased supply chain visibility
  • Improved stakeholder communication and accountability
  • Reductions in inventory-related OR delays
  • Optimized SPD staffing and throughput
  • Analytics for vendor service levels and physician preference items


Inventory tracking, case coordination, real-time notifications, invoice reconciliation, and system reporting – it’s all here.


Eliminate off-contract purchases, reduce workload, and improve vendor accountability. Save money, time, and improve staff satisfaction.


A unique end-to-end platform, providing earlier notifications, actionable insights on vendor service levels, and contract compliance, all with a dedicated support team.

Learn how ReadySet’s proactive solutions can help your facility save time and money.


Webinar Recap: The True Cost of OR Delays

Webinar Recap: The True Cost of OR Delays

Benefits of Surgical Workflow Software


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