Create seamless connections with your existing clinical software solutions

Our expert team of integration specialists will ensure your clinical data gets to its destination


Our HL7 integration with your EHR and implant log provides an automated sync with your surgical schedule for new cases, updates, and cancellations to ensure you and your vendors are always on the same page.

This leads to better patient care, reduced costs, and a more secure organization.


Our ERP integration improves efficiency, accuracy, and compliance by automating PO generation and allowing for a 48 hour processing time in clinical health systems.

The ERP integration is the critical piece to automating your POs and reduce time spent processing bill-sheets.

Inventory Tracking

Our automated vendor communication and loaner tray check-in process results in a 2.5 + day delivery lead time, ensuring your staff is prepared for the upcoming case.

We also automate the tray check-out process, ensuring the timely removal of vendor-managed inventory.

Carrier Tracking

Carrier Tracking systems improve efficiency and accuracy by providing real-time information on inventory location and arrival times. Integrations can help track the real-time location of the inventory, ensuring that the right supplies are available when needed and that they arrive on time.

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We recognize the importance of clinical systems interoperability

Fast-Tracked Implementation

Our team has the ability to deliver implementations in under 30 days, thanks to our expertise in a variety of implementation methodologies and technologies.

We are also committed to delivering high-quality implementations. We use a variety of quality assurance measures to ensure that our implementations exceed our clients’ expectations.

Even the most difficult systems

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of system integration and a proven track record of success in building even the most difficult integrations.


We have the expertise to connect many systems regardless of the technology or platform they use.


Custom Work, Agile Team

Our team is made up of experienced and talented engineers who are experts in a variety of technologies.

They are also highly skilled in the art of agile development, which allows them to quickly and efficiently adapt to changing requirements.