Why ReadySet?

Actionable insights to optimize your surgical supply chain

With over 100 hospital customers, ReadySet has extensive experience managing the surgical supply chain across operating rooms, sterile processing departments and medical device manufacturers. Our end-to-end platform is unique, with task-based solutions designed to improve workflow and decrease costs. Easy-to-use, transparent and predictive, ReadySet streamlines processes, increases efficiencies and provides insights to see and plan what’s happening both inside and outside the OR.

What sets us apart?

Actionable Analytics

RS Analyze provides granular, on-demand compliance reporting for vendors and tracks supply costs by surgeon and procedure, all via PowerBI. Leverage actionable insights to reduce costs and improve vendor and staff performance.

Proactive Identification Of Non-Compliant Inventory Requests

Stay in front of non-compliant requests with proactive alerts from ReadySet.

Elimination Of Unapproved, Off-Contract Purchasing

Reduce costs and headaches by quickly eliminating off-contract purchasing.

Automation Of “Bill-Only” Validation Against Item Master Prior To Submission

Eliminate countless hours of staff time required to reconcile “bill-only” invoices and generate revenue sooner.

Hard-Dollar ROI

Experience real hard-dollar savings quickly after implementation.

Benefitting the Entire Team...

Operating Room

  • Streamlined team communication

  • Improved surgical readiness

  • Documented vendor coordination and analytics

  • Visual dashboard of vendors and equipment in the facility

Sterile Processing

  • Enhanced SPD-vendor partnership

  • Efficient staff planning with simplified workflow

  • Policy enforcement

  • Photographic evidence


  • Pre-planning and better accessibility to surgical team

  • Improved forecasting

  • Real-time field asset management

  • Secure mobile access with live updates

Hospital Supply Chain

  • Data-driven vendor selection

  • Pre-procedure awareness of planned implant usage

  • Easy traceability of implant procurement

  • Enforced compliance to hospital implant procedures


  • Avoid preventable surgical delays

  • Improved surgical workflow

  • Real-time access to product and support information from any device

  • 24/7 support for any user

Download our product brochure to explore the benefits of the ReadySet platform and how we can help your organization focus on what matters most: patient care.