Cloud-based, easy-to-use solutions designed to address vendor-managed inventory issues at integrated delivery networks, hospitals and surgery centers.

Our applications help streamline supply chain processes for OR, SPD and Supply Chain personnel with:

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • System reporting

Vendor inventory documentation and tracking for loaner/consignment management

ready set surgical track

Advanced vendor notification and case coordination [includes ReadySet Track]

Streamlined and accurate “bill-only” charge-capture compliance

ready set surgical capture

Reports designed to help manage and improve supply chain processes

ready set surgical analyze

Single Platform. Multiple Applications to Meet Your Needs.

Immediate Client Benefits

Save time and money. Improve patient outcomes. Increase staff satisfaction.

Guaranteed “bill-only” charge compliance

Proactive identification of non-contracted inventory requests

Increased supply chain visibility

Optimized SPD staffing and throughput

Improved stakeholder communication and accountability

Advanced analytics for vendor service levels and physician preference items

With ReadySet Track, Coordinate and Capture, we can provide guaranteed savings opportunities for your facility. Contact us today at or 1-888-344-READY (7323) to learn more.