Solutions for your Hospital

Cloud-based, easy-to-use solutions designed to address vendor-managed inventory issues at integrated delivery networks, hospitals and surgery centers.

Our applications help streamline supply chain processes for OR, SPD and Supply Chain personnel with:

  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Powerful Analytics Module

Vendor inventory documentation and tracking for loaner inventory management

Advanced vendor notification and case coordination

Streamlined and accurate “bill-only” charge-capture compliance

Single Platform. Multiple Applications to Meet Your Needs.

Immediate Client Benefits

Save time and money. Improve patient outcomes. Increase staff satisfaction.

Guaranteed “bill-only” charge compliance

Proactive identification of non-contracted inventory requests

Increased supply chain visibility

Optimized SPD staffing and throughput

Improved stakeholder communication and accountability

Advanced analytics for vendor service levels and physician preference items