Loaner Tray Management Made Easy

We give you the tools to cut through the chaos so you can Operate in Harmony and focus on what really matters: positive patient outcomes.

Unsurpassed Visibility

Enhanced Efficiency

Data-Driven Decisions

What makes ReadySet Loaner Tray Management unique?

Automated Scheduling

Integration with your ERP? Check. Automated notification to vendors? Check.
Less phone calls, more time with your patients.
ReadySet vendor loaner tray management automates your manual processes, allowing your team to work top-of-license.

The ReadySet platform's Cases Calendar feature, showing upcoming scheduled cases.
ReadySet Loaner Tray Management interface

Vendor Accessibility

Vendors can access via phone, tablet, or laptop. Because they’re mobile people.

Average notification time of 3+ days from case.

Now that’s advanced notification!

Data-Driven Decisions

How many vendor trays am I expecting? How many loaner trays were actually brought in? Who is bringing late trays? Who is bringing in unauthorized materials?
You ask the questions – we have the answers. ReadySet vendor loaner tray tracking empowers change by providing the data and visibility needed to inform conversations.

The ReadySet platform's Analytics module, showing a customer dashboard with charts enabling data-driven conversations.

Single Platform. Multiple Applications to Meet Your Needs.

Over 100 hospitals and health systems use the ReadySet platform to improve the profitability of the surgical supply chain.

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