About Us

Leading Technology to Optimize and Safeguard Your Surgical Supply Chain.

Founded in 2015, ReadySet Surgical’s end-to-end cloud-based platform quickly resolves key issues in your hospital or surgery center’s surgical supply chain.

Whether it is off-contract purchases, pricing discrepancies, scheduling issues or poor vendor performance, our easy-to-use solutions are designed to give you unmatched visibility across your entire surgical supply chain to proactively prevent issues before they happen. ReadySet’s solutions are also workflow friendly, addressing the countless coordination inefficiencies and communication gaps in the vendor-managed surgical supply chain.

With ReadySet Surgical, your facility will benefit from:

Proactive Alerts – Quickly address and resolve costly issues like off-contract purchasing across your facility.

Actionable Reporting – Reports designed to identify root causes of supply chain issues both inside and outside of your facility.

Advanced Scheduling – Increase notification and delivery lead times while decreasing the amount of time managing vendors and representatives.

Increased Visibility – Consolidated case information provides comprehensive supply chain and personnel views.

Streamlined Communications – Coordinated case management decreases non-value-added communications across staff and vendors.

Hard-dollar ROI – Our solutions are designed to save you money, not just improve efficiencies.

Improved Staff Satisfaction – Easy-to-use, workflow-friendly software that resolves key pain points.

ReadySet Tech Collage

ReadySet solutions are interoperable with all major EMR and ERP systems and can be integrated via HL7 or SFTP flat-file transfer. ReadySet solutions are also HIPAA compliant and secure.

Over 100 leading hospital systems and counting across the United States rely on ReadySet Surgical solutions.

Our mission is to ensure transparency within the vendor-managed supply chain so that every surgical patient has the right equipment at the right time.