Most hospitals are now awash with software solutions which have been implemented with the goal of greater efficiency and compliance. While most medical software solutions address recognized problems, the full cost of maintaining these solutions isn’t always well understood. If the time to manage the software (and resulting new work processes) is substantial, the software ‘cure’ can often end up causing debilitating ‘side effects’—leading to a substantial increase in workload for affected departments.
Some software companies are starting to recognize the impact that a new systems can put upon users. One such company, ReadySet Surgical, has gone so far as to offer a full-service package that works in conjunction with its existing loaner equipment management software solution. With this offering, hospitals receive not only the software and associated hardware, but also a dedicated ReadySet staff member who performs many of the administrative and follow up duties that would traditionally fall on CSS and OR staff members.
By linking to the OR scheduling system, a case is created in the ReadySet software each time a surgical procedure needing loaner equipment is scheduled. A communication then goes to the appropriate vendor representative, who responds by communicating what equipment is to be used and when it will arrive on-site. The ReadySet staff member ensures that IFU’s and set lists are in the system and matched to the appropriate vendor representative and scheduled surgical procedure.
By using the full service platform, hospital and their CSS functions reap the benefit of helpful software, without a corresponding increase in workload associated with managing a new system.