Collaboration and Communication = Better Care

“Partnering with ReadySet gives our reps greater visibility, enabling on-time delivery and delivering what is needed, leading to caregiver time savings, improved efficiency, and a better patient experience.”

VP of Commercial Operations, Zimmer Biomet

At ReadySet, we believe that collaboration and communication are essential for reducing manual tasks and delivering optimal patient care. Here are the top 3 ways we’ve partnered with leading device companies to create a seamless and efficient surgical workflow:

1. We make it easier to coordinate cases.

ReadySet’s end-to-end loaner system easily integrates with the systems used by device vendors, so caregivers can easily access accurate inventory information, availability, and delivery status. This helps them better plan and coordinate cases more effectively, which means the right devices are available at the right time.

2. We give caregivers more visibility into their implantable device supply chain.

Our industry-leading analytics platform provides caregivers with unprecedented visibility into their inventory, so they can create and track trends, patterns, and performance benchmarks at the push of a button. This information helps make decisions based on actual data, so caregivers have the up-to-the-minute information needed to help create better patient outcomes.

3. We take some of the burden off caregivers.

Our platform creates better alignment between caregivers and device vendors, which leads to improved efficiency, safety, and caregiver satisfaction.

By working together, we create a better surgical environment for everyone involved, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.