ReadySet reached out to the candidates to get their comments on the importance of voting, as well as share their visions for the organization. Their responses are below. The three candidates running for IAHCSMM President-Elect are (in alphabetical order-Click on any candidate’s name to access the voting ballot):

System Director for Sterile Processing Operations, University Health System, San Antonio, Texas

Manager of Sterile Processing, St. Anthony Hospital & Ortho Colorado Hospital, Lakewood, Colorado

Manager of Sterile Processing, The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio

Weston “Hank” Balch, BS, MDiv, CRCST, CIS, CHL
“Each and every patient that steps foot into our hospitals has their own story, their own history, their fears, their hopes, and their dreams. But so do the teams of CS/SPD professionals who have banded together to slay the dragons of hospital acquired infections and dangerous microbial fire breathers. We may not wear armor and carry a broadsword, but we do don liquid resistant PPE and wield disinfectant weapons of mass microbial destruction. This is our story and this is our moment.

I am running for 2017 President-Elect of IAHCSMM to ensure our industry is prepared to make the most of the “Age of Sterile Processing” — with competitive CS compensation models, data-driven quality programs showing the link between certification and surgical outcomes, and compelling public arguments highlighting the importance of facility investment in the CS space. If this is your vision for our organization, I ask for your vote and your support to help make Sterile Processing great again.”

Damien S. Berg, BA, BS, CRCST
“I served my country for 21 years in the military. I did that to be part of something bigger than myself. I am running for the President Elect of IAHCSMM for the same reasons. I believe what our profession does is honorable and to serve as President Elect would be a part of something bigger than myself. It is for our technicians and our future that I want to give my passion and my dedication to as your next President Elect.
My goals for IAHCSMM will continue to be based off of 4 main pillars which will continue to set up our profession for success long after my term is up.
– Promoting educational excellence
– Promoting excellence within our profession and IAHCSMM chapters
– Partnering for success with other professional organizations
– Becoming the leader and voice for Central Service / Sterile Processing worldwide
Now is the time to VOTE, we all have a voice and we must vote for our professional future.
“Power of a Voice”
…One Technician
…One Department
…One State
…One Voice”

Tony Thurmond, CRCST, CIS, CHL
“The President-Elect is selected by the voters that are IAHCSMM members. Each candidate has gone through a review process of the Nomination Committee. This year, three candidates were chosen. The role of the President Elect is a three year process, with a year for each as the President-Elect, the President, and the Past President. The President-Elect, along with the President, and five other members of the Executive Board meet to discuss current progress, future goals, as well as current situations. The President Elect must be able to step in when required to handle the responsibilities of the President.

I feel that the leadership of the President is critical to manage the Executive Board. We operate on rules and guidelines set in our By-Laws. It is important to address each issue within the confines of those By-Laws. The ability to focus and look at all members in the discussions we have is a must. If we fail to consider those members in which we represent, we are failing not only the organization, but each individual member. A President-Elect must understand, they must leave their personal agenda behind. This position should not be looked upon as a stepping block to other opportunities, it is a position that requires focus on the present and the future, while learning from the decisions of the past.

It will be my focus as President-Elect to build up our Chapters by working with a group to develop “Success Patterns” for Chapters. As an Executive Representative on the IAHCSMM Executive Board the past two years, I have had the opportunity to visit and learn from other Chapters, and I feel we need to share these, so that recruitment, participation and education are present for each member. We also need to get the IAHCSMM Foundation built up, to assist with member education opportunities. My last two years on the Executive Board has enlightened me to see and participate in the inner workings of the success and growth of this organization. I would like to continue to lead this group and organization to even greater successes.”