There are a number of reasons for inventory to go missing in the process:
– It’s not an uncommon experience in SPD to see implant trays arrive at the hospital already incomplete and missing items. Depending on the check-in process, it may or may not get caught when the tray is signed into the hospital.
– Items can get lost during the reprocessing and use of the tray itself. Due to a lack of familiarity with vendor instruments, many ancillary items are returned in different trays or simply not returned at all from the OR suite or from the SPD.
– Entire trays can be misplaced in the hospital, even if the facility has an instrument tracking software. Many times, implant trays do not have a dedicated storage location, and so hospital staff can struggle to locate the tray amongst the multiple potential storage locations for the tray.
– Instruments or entire trays can become subject to theft, by hospital employees or other vendors/visitors. As much as we would like to think this does not occur in hospitals, there are many stories of healthcare providers finding stolen instrumentation on eBay and various news reports of hospital employees caught in the act.

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